is formed with a view to simplifying search based business solutions in the ninth most densely populated US state. It’s a two-way business listing cum networking platform that enables both listed local businesses and native residents to connect with each other. The platform is designed to help over 12 million state inhabitants including small & large businesses, business professionals and freelance service providers listed on the platform.

Besides, we can help to promote & advertise your services on the platform through our business specific end-to- end advertising & marketing solutions. Many of our existing clients have benefitted through our business listing services, which enabled them to have improved business visibility in the region. This positively impacted a lot of listed businesses, which saw an increase in their on-site visits. As a result, their ROIs shot-up instantly resulting in more potential customer leads and thereby conversions. See for yourself here as some of our onboard clients share their service experience on the platform.

In case, if you happen to find any local business information missing or want to create a new one, you can always suggest it to us, or manually submit it here.

If you need more information about our existing services then just contact us here.